SilkFest 2016

SilkFest 2016 tasked local film makers with creating a short movie surrounding the theme “Home“. Here are the three winners.

1st place – Isobel Skidmore with Home-sick

I’m really into travelling and aim to learn as many languages as I can. I started creating short films when I entered a video for an Air Cadets competition – our team won, so we entered another competition and won again! For me, films are an exciting way to express different points of view. A good film can change the way you look at something. I have no musical skill whatsoever and I don’t have the concentration to draw, so film making is my creative outlet. I chose not to apply to university, because in the future, I want to travel around the world for 5 years and learn languages, making short films as I go. My journey starts in a month, when I will go to Senegal for 3 months with the YMCA.

2nd place – Sandbach High School with The things we do on social media

The students of Sandbach High School worked together to create an interesting and humorous take on how we use social media. What would it be like if we acted like this in real life?

3rd place – Taffy Davies with Allotment

Taffy Davies has had no formal training in art or design. But he has always had a passion the visual communication.  It was his particular interest in film and animation which first drew him to Macclesfield in 1989. He moved ‘north’ to join a colleague who already had access to a film studio in Bollington. Prior to his arrival in the North West Taffy was served as an Anglican priest in a rural parish in East Somerset. During his time as a film-maker and animator Taffy worked on a number of productions for Channel 5 Television, Channel 4 Television and the BBC. He also made educational training materials for British Gas and British Telecomms. In 1999 Taffy returned to his first calling and became the Vicar of Sutton St James (on the outskirts of Macclesfield) but continued to work in his spare time as a cartoonist and illustrator. Taffy retired from full-time employment in June 2015 and is planning to devote more of his time to exploring an ever widening range of visual communication techniques. He recently made a film which explored the River Bollin as it meanders through Macclesfield… from the viewpoint of a floating plastic duck. The film premiered at the recent Barnaby Festival and was warmly received. (No ducks were harmed in the making, by the way).Taffy is married to Rachel and has four grown-up children and six grandchildren.